All staff members of CLA have been carefully selected on the basis of their education, experience, integrity, and giftedness.  The most outstanding requirements of the instructional staff are an unselfish spirit of dedication to children, a belief that the Christian school ministry is their service to God, and a complete and personal acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ. Here are short biographies of the Administrating Teachers. Our amazing K-4th Teacher, Mrs. Collins, is also a great blessing to the school and the students.

Mr. Gary Gubitz,

Principal, 7th-12th grade teacher

20131222_181943-1-1 (9)Mr. Gubitz grew up in New York City.  He attended the State University of New York in Albany and graduated with a B.S. Degree in Math.  He then entered Ohio State University and earned his M.S. in Computer Science.  Right after graduating from Ohio State University he was recruited to California and had a job at Hewlett Packard for 24 years and spent 2 of those years in France.

He met his wife, Mrs. Peggy Gubitz, in college.  They have 4 children and live in Granite Bay, California.

Mr. Gubitz has over 30 years of international management and teaching experience.  He has been a Teaching Principal of Christian Life Academy since May 2001.

He became a Christian (a completed/Messianic Jew) at the age of 27.  His life was not moving in the direction he wanted, in fact, it was crumbling at his feet.  His goals were self-centered and he came close to losing everything he loved and held dear.  A friend, in God’s perfect timing, asked if he was at a place where he would totally trust Jesus for his whole life and allow Jesus to be his Lord and Savior. Within a few weeks of that encounter, he had another.  One day, September 25th, 1981, driving in the Bay Area to teach a class at 6:30 a.m., God grabbed a hold of him.  He pulled over on 680, wept and fully repented of his sins and asked Jesus to be his Lord and Savior.  It had been overcast that whole morning, but right where his car was parked the clouds opened up and in his convertible with the top down (of course) the sun shone directly on him.  It was an experience he’d never forget.  With an assurance of eternal life and by the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit, his lifestyle immediately changed.  He couldn’t get enough of the Bible.  He began to regularly hold Bible studies in his home.  Within weeks of his conversion, his wife also turned her life over to Christ.

His wife had been running Christian Life Academy for a few years when he retired from HP.   He had been waiting on the Lord to show him what he should do next when he came to the school to help out for the last couple of weeks before the 2001 summer vacation.  It was a perfect fit.  He had desired to use his gifts in a Christian education ministry with his wife, and now that dream had become a reality.

God revealed to Mr. Gubitz early on that his life goal was to make disciplers as Jesus did; people who can disciple others.  He strives, by God’s grace, through the power of the Holy Spirit, and with an emphasis on treasuring Jesus…to help people know and obey the glorious Word of God.

His future goals for Christian Life Academy would be to follow the Lord in all decisions, to partner with parents in raising up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and to bring glory to God through obedience to The Word.  Retaining the family, “homeschool”, atmosphere, so he can know and personally disciple each student is also a high priority for Mr. Gubitz.


Mrs. Peggy Gubitz,

Vice Principal and Curriculum Adviser, 5-8th Teacher
Mrs. Gubitz

Mrs. Gubitz grew up in Buffalo, New York, raised as a Polish Catholic.  She had 12 years of Catholic school and lived in Buffalo until college.  She attended the State University of New York in Albany, where she met Mr. Gubitz and graduated with her Degree in Math.  Mrs. Gubitz, a few years later after having moved to Silicon Valley with her husband, also received her Masters in Marriage, Family, and Child counseling from the Santa Clara University.

In the late fall of 1981, she gave her heart and her life to Jesus.

With her Masters degree, she started to work for the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in Palo Alto, California.  It was a fellowship program, training underprivileged students to run highly advanced vacuum technology equipment.  She subsequently taught a Montessori Pre-Kindergarten class and then worked at Agnew’s State Hospital with developmentally disabled children and adults.  When her first son was in Kindergarten, she began to help out in his class and loved it.  She stepped into a Bible Study Youth program and also became an Associate Teacher for Community Bible Study.  When her husband was offered a position in southern France with Hewlett Packard in 1988, they prayed and sensing God’s amen, stepped out on faith and moved there for 2 years.

Back in Roseville in 1990, when her third child was Kindergarten age, she enrolled him in a private school called Providence Christian Academy.  She began to teach Latin there.  Over the years Mrs. Gubitz taught more and more classes: Art Appreciation, Bible, French, Calculus, and Chemistry, to name a few.  In the late 90’s, she was asked to carry on the oversight of the next generation of that school, which she accepted, and in 1997 Christian Life Academy was launched.  Since then Mrs. Gubitz has provided leadership and excellent teaching for all grades, K-12.  Her primary emphasis has been on Bible Study for the K-6 Elementary classes and on high end Math (up to and including Calculus), Science (Chemistry and Physics) and English classes for High School students.  One of her students has recently received an 800 (perfect score) on his Math SAT exam.  Mrs. Gubitz has over 25 years of classroom teaching experience and curriculum development.

Her personal mission for Christian Life Academy is to give every student the ability to rightly reason the Word of God and to live a life of love for Jesus and love for others.