1. Why should I send my child here?
First of all, the main reason we would want you to send your child here is because you feel God calling you to, that it would be His will. But other reasons to send your child here are for the personalized environment in that it is like a wonderfully personal home school with solid academics, the fact that it is Christ centered, and for the prayerful teachers.

2. How do the combined classes work?
Because of the personalized program CLA offers, younger students can take higher level classes and are offered the opportunity to be mentored by an older student. Every student is able to take exactly what they need.

3. Will my child be offered the same college opportunities as other schools?
College admission is based primarily on SAT scores and on the completion of the appropriate number of requirements for the UC system. We structure the high school curriculum so that by the senior year your student satisfies the University of California college entrance requirements and is fully prepared to do their best on the SATs. In previous years, students achieved individual Math or English scores over 700, including one 800 score.

4. Will my child be given frequent homework?
The goal of CLA is that each student’s homework be minimized to an hour after school provided that the student diligently works during provided study halls.  There will certainly be times when homework loads are higher for critical projects, tests or major assignments, yet we do keep these to a minimum when possible.

5. What will my child be taught regarding the Bible?
Bible is taught first thing each morning for nearly an hour.  All grade students learn Scripture using in depth inductive study principles.  Bible memorization is also important.

6. Are there advanced classes available?
Students are encouraged to take Advanced Classes at their local Community College.  We have approved status for high school students to attend at Sierra College, and if needed, we can establish similar arrangements with other schools.

7. How many students attend this school?
Our enrollment has varied from 20-60 full-time. We still have room to grow, yet we will maintain our commitment to keep each class size relatively small, to under 12-15 students per teacher.

8. How will attending this school benefit my child?
The goal of CLA is that your student increases in wisdom, character, and faith; that your child will learn how to apply Scriptures to their life. We work to ensure that they become fluent readers and solid mathematicians with a distinctively Christian world view.

9. Are there sports?
Sports are encouraged, but there are no formal teams at this time.

10. What are the teachers credentials?
Each teacher is hired after determining they have a gift and passion for teaching, content expertise, and a love for the Lord.

11. Do you have a block schedule?
We do not offer classes in semester blocks. Rather, we have a solid year long schedule, with most classes in session for an hour every other day.

12. What do you do for P.E.?
Elementary classes have PE for a few hours each week.  Due to the academic schedule for 9-12th, with on campus classes from Tuesday through Thursday, PE, and full credit for that class will need to be taken off campus, documented and then we can provide full credit for the requirement.

13. Are there any school trips, or special trips for seniors?
Every year the Elementary, Jr. High and High School go on various field trips that support their academics (ie. Exploratorium).  As well, we may go to Dillon Beach for 3 nights in the Spring. We have visited a local orange grove to serve them and provide fresh fruit to a local food bank, and we have visited an organic farm to better understand the relationship between health and nutrition.

14. Will my child need a Bible?
Yes, Kindergarten through High Schoolers are required to have a Bible for Bible study every morning.

15. How much individual attention will my child receive?
Personal attention is one of the strengths of our school. We will work with you to ensure we accommodate their specific needs.

16. Why are you a “Christian” school?
We believe the Lord has called us to make disciples in a Christ centered academic environment.

17. Is there a hot lunch program?
Yes, sort of…normally once a week we bring food in from local restaurants (pizza, tacos etc.) based on student orders, or we may even BBQ hot dogs once in a while.  These are optional, but they do provide a nice break for those students who participate.  We keep the costs as low as  possible, usually a few dollars is sufficient.

18. Location?
1301 Coloma Way in Roseville, Ca 95661. More details are available through the Location button at the top of the page.

19. How many teachers do we have on staff?
We currently have 3 full time teachers (including Mr. and Mrs. Gubitz) and a number of excellent parent volunteers.

20. How many breaks do you give the students every day?
The Jr. High and Sr. High are given a 15 minute break and 45 minute lunch break. The K-6 are given the same with an extra break in the afternoon.