It will not be the policy of CLA to assign large amounts of homework. However, when homework is assigned it will be geared to the child’s ability and relative deficiencies. Elementary students will receive a homework assignment sheet that will be sent home to explain the work and to get parental signature. Homework does provide an opportunity to spend time on worthwhile activities and projects.


CLA provides quality Christian curriculum and instructional support materials that serve Christian teachers as an effective tool for meeting the educational needs of students. Children receive regular instruction in Bible, Language Arts (English), Math, Social Studies, History, and Science.

Each class/grade will have its own scope and sequence and list of curriculum that will be used throughout the school year.


Standardized testing is normally offered each year, including analyzing results, as a shared expense between the parent and the school. (Typical parent cost is $25 per student.) This is such an important event that we ensure all appropriate-aged-students, and their parents, are able to track yearly progress. It has been our experience and blessing to have students, in many of the tested content areas, evidence accelerated learning progress relative to peers in other schools.


We have a very comprehensive Math and Science curriculum as you’ll see below.  First, here are a few general comments that somewhat differentiate our school:

Bible: K-12th grades study daily such that through the course of their enrollment, they likely will have in depth experience with:  the Pentateuch, the Gospels, Psalms and Proverbs, Old Testament History (from Exodus through II Kings), Acts, Pauline Letters, Old Testament Prophets, and non-Pauline letters.

Spelling: Every K-8th grade student, every year, will be given spelling lists of 20-30 words to master each week, based on their assessed level.  Testing will also be done weekly. High Schooler spelling mastery comes through reading, writing, grammar and novel writing.

Grammar: Every student, every year, will be placed in an appropriate Grammar curriculum to ensure mastery of all parts of speech, sentence structure, diagramming, and punctuation.

Vocabulary: Every student, every year, will be trained and challenged with weekly vocabulary exercises to expand their knowledge and use of our language, and to prepare them for SAT and other standardized tests.

Reading: Each student will be required to read a minimum of four novels per year and prepare book reports after completion.

Writing Skills: Each student, every year, will be developing creative writing skills through the use of texts like Wordsmith Apprentice through Wordsmith Craftsman to solidify their abilities in this critical area.  The Essay is studied, practiced, and perfected.  Depending on the year, upper class students may be challenged to write their own novel.

Visual and Performing Arts: Most years, students participate in the planning, production and performance of the school Christmas project (ie. Play, Dinner…).  Many High School students contribute to the planning, production, and completion of the school Yearbook.

Please click here to download a copy of the still current Parent Handbook: Parent Handbook 10-2008