Enrollment Policy

All decisions concerning the admission and enrollment of a family into the school will be made by the principal.  The enrollment procedure usually includes:

  1. Carefully reading the Handbook for Parents and Students.
  2. Attending an initial parent orientation designed to communicate to parents what is expected if accepted into the school.
  3. Parents scheduling a time for the student to visit the school.
  4. Assessment and placement of each student will be implemented during the first days of their attendance, and is not a requirement for enrollment.
  5. Up-to-date required immunization forms completed and a copy of any required health examination records, along with contact information and a short registration form are the only documents to be completed.

Irregular Enrollment

Irregular enrollment usually refers to those pupils who enroll after the beginning or withdraw before the completion of the school year.

We welcome students anytime during the school year.  Our ministry here is to bless parents and students whenever there is a need to enroll in our school.  Maintaining the excellent ratio of students to teachers allows us to accept incoming students and to tune a curriculum that meets their specific needs whether they enroll at the start of each semester, or during the school year.

The only stipulation we have is that the registration fee is payable in full if registration occurs any time prior to the start of the second semester.  We still have all textbooks and school materials to supply.  If, on the other hand, the student is enrolling during the second semester we will reduce the registration fee to 75%.

Due to our flexible policy of having tuition due on a monthly basis, if payment has been made for future months and the students withdraws or is asked to leave before those months have commenced, we will reimburse in full what was paid for those future months.